This is where a title would go if I had one

I haven’t done much writing this week at all.

I’ve been learning how to edit videos n stuff. It’s pretty fun once you get the hang of it

I’ve got such a fat stack of comics to read this week. it’s actually 2 weeks of comics. I didn’t get around to reading any of last week’s books.

I am really digging Black Widow though. first couple issues were a bit iffy, but I’m really into it now. Up until reading this series, I was pretty much completely disinterested in Black widow

My mom is always asking about my writing, and I just don’t like to talk about it with her.

I’ve got multiple reasons for this.

One: When I actually DO bring up my writing with her, she seems completely disinterested

Two: She still views comic books as a thing for children. She’s always asking why I don’t write a novel instead of a comic book.

And she wonders why I don’t like to talk about my writing with her?

Bleh, Now I gotta format the script to work on a program that actually supports multiple pages, otherwise the whole thing will be one long page


Walk into a store throw yo hands up like LOOK AT ALL THIS COOL STUFF I CAN’T AFFORD

trying out a new word processor thing.

I used to write everything in Microsoft word, but then I got my laptop, and it didn’t have MSW, and the only options were either buy it (lol as if I have money) or just use the built in word pad program.

I used the wordPad for a while, but I got tired of not having spell check.

Found a new program called Open office. it’s free, does what Microsoft word does and then some.

I’m still kind of messing around with it’s features, but I already like it better than both MSW and WordPad.


The Cassandra Cain by Alex Pascenko 


The Cassandra Cain by Alex Pascenko 


Batgirl (2000-2006) #45

"Tell me. Now.

One of those moments that just gets an instinctive Ohhhhh snap!

It’s so weird how you can find meaning in songs.

I guess people find different meanings depending on who they are.
For me, I get a lot of inspiration from songs. My mind bends the words, finds a metaphor, forms a story.

Songs like “Make me bad” or “O Death” for example.

Inspiration is a weird little thing. you never really find it. it just sort of crosses your path and then goes on it’s way. It’s like coming across a deer in the woods, and when you see it, you’re just like