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So I just watched the new turtles movie

I may or may not have had to sail the seas with no depth perception to see it…


Movie wasn’t great, but I wouldn’t call it bad. It was pretty average.

And come on. the Turtles have been treated worse in the past.

Oh, and of course



Compared to those two abominations, TMNT 2K14 was freakin’ Shakespeare.

Prove me wrong.

SPOILERS: You can’t.

So all the people out there on the interwebz ripping into this movie, just take a seat, all right? It’s not nearly as horrible as the fanboys are making it out to be. that’s not to say it’s not without it’s flaws, but honestly, I think most of what was wrong with it can be boiled down to nitpicks.

But if the film left a bad taste in your mouth (and even if it didn’t) then you should check out Nickelodeon’s new TMNT series, which is pretty much all around good, and, if cartoons aren’t your thing (you know, if you’re a nerd), then check out IDW’s TMNT series, because it is freaking perfect.

It’s on issue 34 I believe, so you may want to search the back issues of your local comic book store, or order in some trades, or possibly seek aide from a vitamin C deficient internet scoundrel…

And even if you do go with the third option, I urge you only to do it for the first few issues just to see if you like it or not. If you like it, ditch the peg leg and throw your wallet in the general direction of the latest issues.


Words for Pictures readers. here’s my recent Ted Talk. Enjoy.

The little boxes: Brian Michael Bendis at TEDxCLE


in case you weren’t aware……. WE TOTALLY FREAKING DID THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

seriously can’t thank you enough for the support, encouragement, rad reblogging and beastly tumblr-ing that was done. we’re like, just shy of $1,000 OVER the goal. THANKYOU THANKYOU THANKYOU.

also…. there’s like, about 2 hours left if there’s anybody else out there who want’s to jump in on this. #justsayin

unitl next time, tumblr cats!!!!


Super-fast Spidey sketch.


Super-fast Spidey sketch.

Been in such a “Blah” mood the past couple days.. haven’t done much in the way of writing.

I wrote out the overall plan that the character is going to be putting into action in the story, and finally started writing issue 1.

I finished Issue 2 first, because I just suck at intros and figured it would be easier to do issue 1 if I had issue 2 down first. and it actually worked pretty well. I let issue 2 sit for a couple weeks before moving on (back) to issue 1, and I wrote up the first 5 pages a couple nights ago, then worked out the “master plan” last night. I always had it in my head, but some of the finer details needed working out, which is what I did.

But tonight, I just feel so “Blah” I don’t want to really do anything. I just want to kick back and watch a movie or something, but I can’t, because I’ve got this nagging feeling that I should be writing, even though I just don’t have mind for it right now.

I blame the weather. I always get out of sorts when the weather changees, and lately, the weather seems to be having trouble making up it’s mind.

one day it’s cloudy and windy. next day it’s sunny and warm. Day after that it’s cloudy and windy again.

I’m looking forward to the end of summer, when the weather is just consistently cloudy and rainy instead of this weird bipolar nonsense it’s been pulling lately.

I kind of want to write this one scene as a small homage to one of my favourite Canadian shows of all time and have the three main characters from that show have a bit of a cameo in the scene

Is that to infringement-ee, or is stuff like that generally fine?

You ever really want to like a comic, but the writing and/or art just kills it for you?

I really wanted to like All-New Ultimates.

I loved all of those characters when they appeared in Ultimate Spider-man.

But in All-New Ultimates, there’s a distinct feeling that there’s something just missing. Like the characters just don’t have their souls any more, y’know?

Meanwhile, Miles Morales: The Ultimate Spider-man, continues to be just as awesome as it was before the Cataclysm event.

I guess these characters are just better handled by Bendis.

and this is a bit nit-picky, but I think the reasoning behind Spider-woman’s Black Widow’s  being a lesbian a bit nonsensical.

She says that because she’s the clone of a straight boy, that she has the brain, or thought patterns of a straight boy.

wouldn’t that make her Transexual then?

I don’t think Lesbians have the “thought pasterns” of men just because they too are attracted to women.

I don’t know. the reasoning just doesn’t sit right with me, much like most of this book overall.

It’s all rather disappointing


g:special.Thought I would post here sometimes until I have time again for dailies (not likely before long!).


Thought I would post here sometimes until I have time again for dailies (not likely before long!).


hey tumblr.. we need to have a talk.

first of all, THANK YOU for any reblogs, sharing, etc, as i’ve been trying to push my kickstarter. seriously - you don’t know how much I TRULY appreciate it!!

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